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We develop uniquely distinctive, forward-looking lighting solutions at the highest technical level for discerning customers, architects and investors. We exploit the possibilities of the latest lighting technology and combine it with good design. Technically, there are hardly any limits to what we can do. We select optimal products for convincing results, independent of manufacturers.



With a lot of joy in our exciting work and a high quality standard in all areas, the LIGHT ON team together with CEO Felix Kessler stands for “the art of fine tuning light”. Convince yourself.

Residenza Radice Massagno – 2021


Sea House – 2021


Church Einsiedeln – 2021




LIGHT ON develops and fabricates special LED luminaires, making the most of the entire range of innovative LED technology. With these bespoke high-tech luminaires, we can achieve optimum results also when requirements are complex. We work with the latest computer programmes and technical measuring equipment, e.g. goniophotometers.

In the development phase of these LED custom luminaires, we use state-of-the-art lense technology programmes and 3D design programmes. Both the thermal management and cooling of the LED boards are simulated and precisely determined already before the LED heads are constructed. All necessary light measurements, such as thermal simulations or the determination of efficiency, colour rendering index and light spectrum, are carried out directly here at LIGHT ON.



Below you see some luminaires developed by LIGHT ON.



The Subaho diving lamps offering “Extreme full-spectrum daylight – the sun under water” owe their development to the passion for diving of LIGHT ON’s founder and owner Felix Kessler. While diving, he noticed that commercially available diving lamps were in dire need of improvement: Together with Albert Honegger, he then founded the company Subaho by LIGHT ON.

The submersible lamps they developed are light and handy. Using a full-spectrum light source they offer a realistic rendering of the underwater world in all its true spectacular colourfulness. The technology of the Subaho submersible lamps is patented. In the meantime, the range has been expanded to include powerful miniature submersible lights with LED light sources. Subaho has since been taken over by Albert Honegger himself and is still thriving.

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