Panta Rhei – Lake Zurich Navigation Company


LIGHT ON was awarded the contract to renovate the external LED lighting of the Panta Rhei, the flagship of the Lake Zurich Navigation Company. In this case, LIGHT ON used a flexible, high-quality IP68 strip which was made to measure. The profile was specially curved. The strip can be readily pressed into the profile and easily replaced easily in the event of any failure. In addition to good performance and high-quality workmanship, it has the great advantage that boat captains are no longer dazzled by the lighting.

LED points are no longer visible due to the diffused strip. From a distance it looks like a neon strip with a beautiful, clearly visible light line. The RGB band has an output of only 10 watts per metre. Given a total length of 355 metres, this results in a system performance of +/- 3.9 kilowatts. However, total output is only rarely required because not all the colours operate at the same time.


Client: Zürichsee Schiffahrtsgesellschaft

Year: 2019