LIGHT ON took the building owner’s request for something unconventional into account with the idea of illuminating the car park using posts fitted with booms at a height of 9 metres: with a special profile it is possible for the individual lights to be mounted flexibly and aligned individually. The posts also proved their value with the illumination of the 6,000 m2 façade: the effect of an innovative material which makes the building shell appear white, but depending on the position of the sun and angle of view has a shimmering effect in all of the spectral colours, should also be visible at night. LIGHT ON solved this challenging task through the exact positioning of additional lights on the posts in the car park and the exact calculation of the incidence angle and the distance. The entire area of the façade is illuminated efficiently with just 2 Watts per m2.

Client: Shoppi Tivoli Management AG, Spreitenbach
Year: 2011 / 2014