We love both lighting and the challenge of setting rooms and objects in the perfect light with intelligent lighting solutions.

In our efforts to increase people’s well being with light, we plan and design by focusing on what’s most important: we value the clear impact of well-positioned lighting, which is frequently achievable without large light fixtures.

The development of special solutions and specialist designs is one of our core areas of expertise. Through a range of technical light measurements such as the determination of the colour spectrum and thermal values, we give our products a high degree of efficiency and a long lifespan. We attribute considerable value to energy-conscious lighting management.

Our internationally trained team works with the latest software programs and thereby creates unique and forward-looking lighting solutions with its lighting planning, development and design.

Projects which have been successfully completed by LIGHT ON include mansions, religious and public buildings, showrooms, hotels, spa suites, public transport facilities, yachts and many more.